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TAMI box finder

Measure your dog from the base of his tail to the tip of his muzzle.

Then select the correct size range from the dropdown.

The longer side of your chosen box should just contain the following dimensions:

TAMI dog box for the trunk:
length dog - 15 cm

TAMI dog box for the back seat:
length dog - 10 cm

We generally recommend choosing the TAMI dog box a little smaller.

In the event of a sharp turn or an accident, your dog has less room to fly around ! Dogs are space artists and should also enough space . look out while driving .

Nevertheless, it must be ensured that your dog can relax well even on longer journeys. To determine the right size, you can simply fold a blanket at home into the format of your desired box and ask your dog to sit on it. As long as he lies comfortably and can turn around on the blanket, the respective size is sufficient.

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Delivery date: May 15, 2024