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TAMI dog box

Discover the revolution in the transport solution for your dog - our inflatable TAMI dog box for the trunk and back seat.
Lightweight, robust, easy to store and inflated in just a few seconds, it offers the best comfort and safety for your furry companion.
Our TAMI dog box not only offers safety while driving, but also a comfortable and safe retreat for your dog.

TAMI trunk box

TAMI rear seat box

Thats what our customers say

Florian Kurth
Florian Kurth
January 30, 2024
We have had this box for our German Shorthaired Pointer for over 3 years now and are simply thrilled! Even 2-day trips with a caravan to the south of France are no problem at all, our dog loves the box! The only thing that could be improved is the fastenings, but that's actually not a problem, the box is in the passenger compartment of our V-Class. I hope that the company continues to exist well, thank you for the great product!
Simon Obermaier
Simon Obermaier
January 24, 2024
We already have a back seat box that we are completely happy with, the box is easy to install and provides good protection. However, since we now wanted a second dog, I ordered a larger trunk box, but I measured myself. The customer support was great and I was able to return the box without any problems. The only drawback I can find with the boxes is their size, the XL trunk box was unfortunately just a little too high and the L is unfortunately too short when you divide it with the partition to take two Silken Windsprite males with you. However, I can only recommend the Tami dog crate to anyone who only owns one dog, smaller dogs or a larger car. A little tip on the side: I have now seen that there is a configurator on the site where you can see which boxes fit into which car.
Melanie Huber
Melanie Huber
January 13, 2024
The customer service is absolutely top and the box does what it promises! Bought the box before we got our puppy and ended up underestimating the final size of the breed! Even though I had had the box at home for 1.5 months (without a dog), the box was replaced! However, since I no longer had a box for the small box to send back, the Tamihundebox team simply sent me the larger box and I was able to pack and ship the small one in the big box. I was given very good advice when it came to finding the right size for my dog! Even when I had a problem recently (1/2 year after purchase) I was helped within 24 hours and the problem was solved! We are absolutely satisfied with this exceptional box that is comfortable, washable and equipped with the great airbag function! !!!100% recommended!!!
Badger Petra
Badger Petra
November 14, 2023
A great box! Super quick to set up and attach to the car. Nice contact and great advice, answers come quickly. And best of all: my dog ​​loves the box! It's comfortable and safe - definitely worth the price.
Kathy Anna
Kathy Anna
October 23, 2023
A really great box, can be assembled and dismantled very quickly and is a safe transport option. My dog ​​can relax really well in it. The team really makes an extraordinary effort, advises you very competently and quickly, and when I had to send the box for repairs, that was done very quickly and without any problems. Really top performance and fair price!
Dieter R.
Dieter R.
October 1, 2023
Very friendly helpful accommodating advice and sales. I would be happy to come back and would recommend at any time.
Thorben Keune
Thorben Keune
August 2, 2023
RECOMMENDED! Very good and competent advice during the offer phase and also after the purchase. The concept and workmanship of the dog box are outstanding. The box is easy to assemble and store again. Our dog accepted it straight away and feels very comfortable in the box!
Jens Niemann
Jens Niemann
July 17, 2023
Great box, great service! Absolute recommendation for all dog lovers.
Konstantin Becker
Konstantin Becker
June 21, 2023
Friendly advice and excellent quality! It couldn't be better

The thing of the year

Ernstfried Prade, the inventor of the TAMI dog box, was a guest on DAS DING DES YEAR on ProSieben.

Dogs are better people and then they should be locked in a metal box while driving? That just sounds wrong. Ernstfried Prade invented the first inflatable dog box, which is great for more than just the owner.

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Hygiene icon


The TAMI dog box can be completely cleaned with water both outside and inside!

Airbag icon

Airbag function

In the event of an impact, your dog is protected by 4 cm thick air chambers!

Eco icon

Phthalates Free

Certified: non-toxic material for humans and animals!

Edge icon

Soft outer shell

Reliably protects your vehicle interior and adapts to unevenness!

Light as Feather Icon


Depending on the size, the TAMI box weighs between 3 and 15 kg! Simply unbeatable!

Time icon

Installed quickly

Inflating with the included foot pump only takes about 20 seconds for size M!

trip icon

Versatile when traveling

As a small additional luggage on the plane or rental car - no problem with the TAMI Box!

Fold icon

Foldable to save space

Easily folded up and stored away quickly. This is only available with the TAMI Box!

Accessories for the TAMI dog box

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